Automate your CRM!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is now at the heart of every business. You have a business to run, meaning you have many customers to manage, with transactions and engagement for business opportunities in marketing, sales, product development, etc.

Naturally, you will need CRM integration to help. At Twentyfour, we are specialized in data integration and automation, allowing businesses to maximize their productivity and working efficiency by digitizing manual processes and automating workflows.


What is a CRM Integration?

CRM integration means integrating your CRM with the organization’s other systems, such as marketing, sales, support, webshop, website, or specially built systems.

This way, data can be automatically transferred from one system to another without human interference. Many of the benefits are related to the following:

  • Shortened sales cycle.
  • Cut costs and gain productivity.
  • Organization and centralization of data.
  • Better visibility of customer behavior.
  • Reliable and consistent information.

Automate your processes

CRM integrations can streamline workflows, synchronize data between various systems, increase business efficiency, and create new revenue streams that offer a real business advantage.

At Twentyfour, we have implemented significant integration solutions for organizations, companies, and institutions such as:


What can we do for you?

With years of digital integration and automation expertise, at Twentyfour, we continuously strive to deliver results that our customers can benefit from. We focus on how we can replace heavy workflows and automate business processes that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

No matter what CRM you are using, we can integrate it with the rest of your systems. So far, we haven’t found two systems we cannot integrate.