Starting 2021 with a new management team at Twentyfour

Open letter from the founder: The management team is changing and here are my thoughts

Dear everyone,

When I was a child I used to help my dad build various things around the house. I wasn’t always good at it but I loved solving problems with him.

Later on, he and my mom even encouraged me to try building a business. I was around 12 years old at that time. I keenly remember them explaining how I could use their fax-machine to send adverts to local companies, trying to sell web design services.

It worked.

I fell in love with entrepreneurship, software and business.

After graduating from university I had launched multiple businesses.

Even though most of them failed, each time helped lay the foundation of what turned into HTML24 – several years down the line.

HTML24 was founded in my small flat in 2010, by myself working on a computer that would shut down if I didn’t have an extra external fan blowing air at it – at all times.

It was a great time 🙂

On the journey to what’s today’s Twentyfour I’ve had many such great experiences, many challenging days, many stressful times, many smiles, many joyful moments and a whole lot of problems to solve.

Even though it’s been tough, Twentyfour didn’t fail and it has now existed for more than 10 years.

My love for problem-solving and my love for business building has not faded one bit and to this day, I still love going to work. Even after more than 10 years in the same job.

I have, however, recently realised that the job of a founder is not just to found a company and steer it through various challenges, but also to realise when to step away so the company can grow even bigger.

I think this time is slowly, but surely, coming.

I love my job and I have no plans of retiring any time soon, but I’m also aware that I might not be the best person to run Twentyfour for all future.

As of today, we’ve established a management team that will steer the company going forward. I’ll remain part of this management team, but I’ll no longer be running the day-to-day.

It just so happens that the establishment of our new management team comes at a perfect time, as I’ve been planning a paternity leave, where’ I’ll spend a few months away from the office, with my son and my wife.

The new management team consists of a few people. Both old ones and new ones.

Rasmus Aagaard will take over as both our internal and external face of the company as he and Mikkel Strunge will be the top management of Twentyfour as Managing Partners.

Rasmus transitions away from the job as Head of Account Management and into the job of Managing Partner. Going forward he’ll keep the top-responsibility for customers, sales and growing the business and Rasmus has already promoted Andrius Bendikas to take lead of sales as the new Head of Account Management.

Mikkel Strunge remains in charge of products and development, but will start delegating more tasks to newly promoted managers on his team as well. Mikkel has promoted Dominik Chomicki to be in charge of our Boligforeningsweb product. Babis Georgopoulos will be responsible for KOEBT and Triptale and everything related to these products. Stefan Pehrsson takes full responsibility for our project deliveries as well as our web development team. Nicolai Holm will join the management team as Head of Marketing.

This means the new management team consists of Rasmus, Mikkel, Andrius, Dominik, Stefan, Babis and Nicolai. I’ll remain on the team, but in a less operational role. In my two-month leave from Twentyfour, Rasmus and Mikkel will both act in my place where this is required. Expect Rasmus to be the go-to person for anything business related.

We have so many good people on the team and even though I’m not mentioning everyone here, please know that I believe we currently have the best organisation we’ve ever had. Our change in strategy a few years ago has laid the foundation on which we’re currently growing. Our transition into larger projects as well as maintenance, integrations and hosting has allowed us to deliver much higher quality while having a less stressful work environment.

I believe we’re now in the best possible place in order to move forward towards our mission as a company.

I’ll go on my two month leave on February 19th and I feel completely comfortable doing so.

I’m still not fully certain what my role is going forward. I’ll spend some time reflecting on this.

Thank you all for the hard work that has brought us here. I look forward to seeing where the future will take us.

All the best.

Bo Møller