New CEO in Twentyfour

Founder, Bo Møller, has decided to step back from the daily management of Twentyfour, though he will continue to assess the overall direction and strategy of Twentyfour as Chairman of the Board. It is with a huge degree of humility, gratitude, and pride I take over the role as CEO (Adm. Direktør) of Twentyfour.

Bo recently posted an update on his LinkedIn about him leaving the position as Managing Director. This post, however, is my first post as our new CEO.

Bo founded Twentyfour in a flat back in 2010. Parallel to this, I embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey, starting my own business building webshops, apps and working with digital advisory. In 2014 I joined forces with Bo in Twentyfour as Digital Advisor, where I provided strategic digital counseling to our clients and took care of new business opportunities and sales. Over time many new members joined our staff of employees and the business started developing at a fast speed. I naturally took up the role of Head of Account Management, managing our sales team, sales efforts, and the advisory of our clients.

For years I have been responsible for all of our clients, and I know almost every single client we have in Twentyfour. It’s through communication and dialogue with our clients, team, and people in general, I thrive and excel, and I really love the work I do on the commercial side of the business.

Entering the new decade with a transition in the Management of Twentyfour
The switch in our top management has not been a hasty decision, it has been undergoing for quite a while now. In January 2021 Bo handed over the rudder of the ship, as he went ashore for a while, spending time with his family on paternity leave, and thus stepped back as the daily manager of our business. Formally Bo’s paternity leave meant that I took his place at the helm, navigating the ship in close cooperation with Mikkel Strunge, as my Co-Managing Partner.

The future course is set

This change in our management setup might be a small change to our clients and our employees, as nothing changes significantly as we will continue working on our strategy and do business as usual. However, it’s a huge step for Bo and I, as he can finally take the liberty to step away from his position as captain on the ship and hand it over in a good shape. As I have been the public face of the company side-by-side with Bo for a long period of time, this change in our positions will probably seem like a natural choice to most people.

And set we are – Twentyfour is ready to be launched into the stratosphere. Watch out for the rocket coming! 🚀

Obviously, I will not be running this company alone going forward. Mikkel Strunge, Head of Development, and I have an incredible staff of employees behind us and together we are handling a wide range of clients, which I am sincerely proud of. I will do my absolute best to continue maintaining this company as a preferred advisor, supplier, and workplace.

A skilled and trustworthy successor taking over sales

I am very pleased to announce that Andrius Bendikas, who has been my second in command for many years in the sales unit, will be taking up my former role as Head of Account Management. Andrius is officially responsible for our sales team going forward. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Andrius on his new role and responsibilities.

I have followed Andrius in his journey and career from the very first steps since he graduated. Digital Account Manager at Twentyfour (or HTML24 as it was back then) was Andrius’s first real job after his studies. Andrius started his career in Twentyfour as an intern under my supervision and he has, throughout the years, developed into a highly professional and very skilled businessman and digital advisor, which I am personally very proud of.

Andrius is undoubtedly the right person for this job, and I am sincerely looking forward to following his journey as manager and a part of our management team. I will surely be learning something new from him along the way. And hopefully, the old mentor can still teach him a trick or two going forward. 😉

Introducing our new Management Team

One’s first job as a daily manager of a business is to delegate. Therefore, as a part of the new organizational setup, we have established a Management Team in Twentyfour. The Management Team will be a forum for knowledge sharing across departments, goal follow-ups, future developments & new business ideas.

Besides myself this is our management team going forward:

Continue the plotted course

I have a solid faith in the vision for our company, the course is set, and we are heading for new innovative digitalization, new projects and collaborations, and of course a solid growth of our business. Undoubtedly there will be bumps on the road, and challenges we cannot predict. But I believe we are well equipped to take our company into the next phase.

As Bo mentioned in his open letter as a founder back in February: “I believe we currently have the best organization we’ve ever had.” To this, I fully agree, and I will do my utmost, together with the new management team, to ensure we continuously are on our toes as an attractive sparring partner and collaborator to our clients and a great company that our employees thrive within.

I wish Bo the best of luck with his new direction and newly gained freedom handing over the managing position in Twentyfour. Fortunately, it’s not a goodbye but a new way of working.

Stay tuned and please reach out to me for any questions regarding our business. I am always reachable.

Rasmus Bjørn Aagaard
CEO & Partner