All our skills, under a new exciting name

A change of name is a significant and exciting step for a company – and it is certainly also the case for us!

10 years ago, when HTML24 just opened its doors, our concept was simple: You give us a design and 24 hours later, we give you a template for a website, written in good old HTML.

As true digital enthusiasts, we stretched the limits of the language and bent it to our will as much as possible. But it wasn’t quite enough.

As the industry and its abilities evolved, so did we. Always hungry for the latest update, always keen to learn more.

Slowly but surely, word of mouth had made sure our name was known, and with more business, we got more team members, a larger office, and a deep dedication to our growing customer base.

Since then, we have learned a lot, extended our abilities, brought in a lot of talent – and made sure to always solve the problem in the most suitable and efficient way.  To continuously do so, we have had to learn to master many different coding languages besides HTML. So although HTML will always hold a special place in our hearts, it is no longer the center of our solutions.

Today, we are working with PHP, Python, frontend and backend JavaScript, C# and VB. NET, Objective-C, Swift, and many more languages and frameworks. This makes it possible to build complex and business-critical web systems, integrate ERP systems, automate processes, and so much more. 

As we grew, we realized that we had outgrown our name.

Now, the time has finally come to change our name – and the change expresses both where we came from and where we are going.

We’re removing ‘HTML’ from our name and keeping the ’24’-symbol, shortening our name to simply ‘Twentyfour’.

‘Twentyfour’ encapsulates our core – with an added fresh spirit characterized by new solutions, new talents, and ever-updated knowledge. We love a challenge as this gives us the opportunity to evolve and create the best possible solutions for our customers.

Our future plans are extensive and cover different fields – we know our development, digitalization, and maintenance, inside and out. We’re planning to continue to be on top of our game and deliver to you a complete and thorough service, from developing to maintaining your digital solutions, the whole way through. Twentyfour is always updated and always improving.

We are celebrating our new name and are thrilled to have you with us for a continuous successful journey!