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Data Integration Definition

As it might seem simple for some, complicated for others, depending on the context, the term data integration can be interpreted quite differently. As data integration is becoming more needed among businesses in this digital era, many organizations are considering integration as a way to automate and optimize their business processes.

Integration is, in layman’s terms,  the act of automatically exchange data from one system to another, without the involvement of human actors. Integrating two or more systems, frees up time, automate manual work processes and optimizes internal efficiency.

Examples of systems that HTML24 can integrate

Legacy systems integration & modernization: Connect legacy systems quickly, without disruption and make legacy a competitive advantage. Provide a gateway for communication and build bridges between two generations of IT with integration solutions from HTML24.

SAP Integration: HTML24 SAP Integration solutions will help you connect SAP with any business system or data source. Scalable and secure integration solutions that will provide highly reliable functionality.

Salesforce Integration: Automate business processes, optimize workflows and boost productivity by integrating Salesforce with the rest of the organization’s systems.

CRM Integration: Integrate your CRM with your other systems to synchronize data between various systems, streamline workflows and increase business efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration and integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Get the best solutions and digitize manual processes by integrating NAV and CRM with systems related to sales, purchasing, finance, marketing, human resources and beyond.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics C5 Integration: Get real-time information in one place and automate manual processes.

UNI-Login integration: Integrate UNI-Login with other IT systems to provide an effective and secure authentication and streamline access for students, parents and teachers.

NemID Integration: With a long experience in digitization, we provide organizations and businesses with secure and reliable NemID integrations.

HTML24 provides customers with comprehensive integration solutions to ensure connectivity across the organization. With broad experience in integration and digitization, we help organizations take business to the next level. Our developers develop the right integration solutions to streamline access to data, optimize workflows and make sure that businesses can stay connected.

Do you have a project that requires integration? Feel free to contact us below and our account manager and developers will provide you with reliable and scalable integration solutions for your business.