Our campaign under Women’s Football Team Qualifications for the World Cup 2018

We love football

HTML24 created a campaign for women’s team World Cup qualifiers against Ukraine. The match was hugely exciting until the last minute. Denmark scored within minutes, then we scored again and again and again. Just as the match was about to end, Ukraine scored the first goal making the score 4-1 for Denmark.

But as the Danish women’s team was determined to score 5 goals in total,  and in the last minute, they got the last goal of the match.

5-1! Like that!

Our campaign

The message was simple in our campaign. We want to show that we have gone from general digital agency to software company.

We did that with simple sentences:

  • Large plans
  • Large projects
  • Large programs

The campaign was very well received on our Facebook page  

Why we chose just “Big plans, projects and programs” you can read more about here.