We have been on this road before


For Finance Denmark, we integrated both UNI-Login and the Facebook login on their website and optimized the quiz for PC, phone and tablet so it can be accessed across all platforms.


For the Organization of Officers in Denmark (HOD), we created a website focused on improving the user experience for members and automation of support processes.


For the National Bank of Denmark, we automated email notifications for their website’s event calendar. It reduced administrative work and enhanced the signup process.


What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that lets you create workflows between apps you use every day to save time and automate routine tasks. It connects you with over 1,500+ integrated apps.

Code is not needed, anyone can create workflows called Zaps minutes within.


Zapier makes your life happier!

Would you like to save responses from a Typeform form, information from Google Docs, or any other information from any app to a new row on your Google Sheet? Zapier can do it for you automatically.


Why would you not use it? These companies are:

  • Google.
  • MailChimp.
  • HubSpot.
  • Twitter.
  • Slack.
  • Dropbox.

and many more!


three-column-icon Start the engines

Workflows can be started from any app.


three-column-icon Eliminate the routine

While you solve more important problems, small actions are completed for you.


three-column-icon It has never been easier

It takes a few minutes to go from idea to workflow.


All for one and one for all

At Twentyfour, we work like to work with simple and complex integration technologies. Nothing is left behind as long as the goal is achieved and everyone is happy. While most of our time we build complex integrations of business-critical systems such as web stores, inventory management, ERP systems, newsletter systems, lead tools, etc., automation tools like Zapier still have a special place in our hearts.