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Schema markup is one of the latest evolutions in SEO, where this new form of optimization is one of the most powerful form of SEO available today. Once you grasp the method of Schema markup, you can boost your website in the search engine result pages.


What is Schema markup?

Schema markup is a tool that once added to a webpage, creates an enhanced description (commonly known as a rich snippet), which appears in search results.

How a search engine interprets the context of a query, is what will determine the quality of a search result. Schema can provide the right context of an ambiguous webpage. That is to say, Schema will tell the search engines what your data means, not just what is says.


What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets is the term used to describe structured data that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on a website. In other words, it is an extended site description that Google will show the user in the search results.

An example of rich snippet can be found on the picture below. This is how the snippets of the Danish website Eatie.io looks. Eatie is used to find a restaurant, so when people search for a given restaurant, that is listed in Eatie’s database, the snippet will be shown as seen on the left side of the following column.


More than the normal snippet

In the snippet on the left picture, you can see what kind of restaurant it is (Sushi, Japanese, etc.), the rating of the restaurant (5 stars) and the number of reviews that it has (251). A rich snippet contains much more information than the normal snippet does. That’s why we call it a “rich snippet”.


Benefits of using Schema markup

For the success of your online business, SEO is one of the key elements. Where Schema markups and snippets are what attract a substantial amount of qualified online traffic, thus generating increased revenue.

In short, using Schema markup:

  • Enhances SEO
  • Increases online presence
  • Creates rich snippets

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