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With a strong, responsive website, håndværker.dk gives Danes the opportunity to find good craftsmen together. Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) has helped get the site's frontend to work perfectly.

Even if you have skilled people in-house, consulting an expert can deliver great value.

That was the approach of Kasper Hvid, CEO of håndværker.dk, as the launch of the new venture approached. Håndværker.dk is another newcomer to the group of North Media A/S, which among other things, is also behind Ofir and BoligPortal.dk, and it was the in-house developers who had built the system.

“As we approached the launch we could see that we needed to be challenged a little and lacked some hands to help us to reach the goal. I had heard good things about Twentyfour from others, so I called Bo Møller and he was quick to understand what we needed” says Kasper Hvid.

Attention to detail

Håndværker.dk was developed in HTML5 and Twentyfour have used GIT version control in the process. A large part of the task was to get the site to work optimally on mobile and tablet.

“We are very focused on the details so we needed a provider that was equally so. Twentyfour could challenge us on how certain functions should work on mobile to be as user friendly as possible” says Kasper Hvid.


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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sharepoint, Frontend, Responsive
21 days
3271 Lines
Bo Møller