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Simple and sleek new website + B2B platform supports Green Mobility's focus on a positive customer experience

Sustainability – you’ve probably heard a lot about it. Nowadays, it even seems as if people are putting extra focus on how they can be more environmentally conscious. With that, businesses are also figuring out a more sustainable approach to their business model – and GreenMobility found a great solution.

In 2016, they figured out a way to combine the current mega-trends of urbanization, sustainability, and sharing economy by introducing a 100% electric, free-float car-sharing platform. Since then, GreenMobility has been growing rapidly every year, with locations not only limited to Copenhagen but also in Malmö, Aarhus, and Gothenburg. In such a fast-growing company, many elements need to be overlooked, and none overlooked.

To stay ahead and keep up with growth within their company, GreenMobility came to Twentyfour with the desire to create a solution for their B2B partners as well as optimize their website for a better overall B2C experience.

The task is to create an engaging, user-friendly platform for GreenMobility’s B2B partners

Based on the purpose and expectations from GreenMobility, the company hired Twentyfour (formerly HTML24) to be responsible for designing and developing the front end of a B2B platform. Their request was a platform that focuses on an overview of the usage and expenditure as more businesses turn to GreenMobility to offer their employees an environmentally friendly company car that contributes to reducing traffic congestion and has a positive climate impact.

The dashboard should portray a clear overview of all rides, expenditures, charging, parking, and more, as the goal of the task for GreenMobility was to enhance and ease the overall customer experience while making it easier for companies to clearly demonstrate to others how they are contributing to more responsible and sustainable development.

The task is to set up a multisite and create an easier customer journey to the correct geolocation on the webpage

Their main website needed some fine-tuning, and Twentyfour was more than happy to help. GreenMobility had just switched CMS systems from Umbraco to WordPress, as WP offers a broader range of customization and control, making it easier to carry out a variety of day-to-day tasks like adding new pages, changing looks, adding plugins, and so on.

GreenMobility handled the transition themselves but needed help with launching and setting up a multisite, a tool that would allow them to create and better manage their network of multiple websites from one single dashboard, as well as the set up a WPML, a multilingual plugin.

Other functions were also set up for GreenMobility, such as an IP geolocation detector that identifies the user’s geographic location via their IP address.


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The project

In close co-operation with GreenMobility, Twentyfour designed a user-friendly, simple B2B dashboard and coded the front end of it, with GreenMobility integrating it into their backend system. The results are an engaging and sleek dashboard for “green” B2B users.

Twentyfour created and set up a responsive multisite to manage multiple locations at once. As GreenMobility continues to grow, their site will now allow them to run multiple blogs at once, all on the same server – meaning they can now manage several different websites from a single dashboard. In addition, Twentyfour adjusted the URL structure of GreenMobility’s webpage to match that of the old site to not lose valuable traffic.

Twentyfour set up an IP Geo detection on the site so that customers would be redirected to the site in the correct country. Users do not need to worry about renting a car in the wrong country anymore!

Furthermore, a WPML multilingual tool was set up to handle language versioning for each of GreenMobility’s country locations.

Launching the new website, including the correct domain setup, was also part of the project.

The result

In close co-operation with GreenMobility, Twentyfour has developed a beautiful B2B dashboard – enriching the overall customer experience with a simple and approachable company car solution that’s sustainable and responsible.

The customer experience, in relation to the B2C aspect, is also enriched with a geolocation tracker, country redirection, and language versioning.

Trust in GreenMobility is strengthened from the customer’s perspective, as well as the employees at GreenMobility themselves, as the option for maintaining and editing their webpage on the go has never been as easy – allowing them to focus on what is really important; Developing their sustainable mobility sharing platform for a better, greener future!