Top 5 Programming Languages in 2019

Whether you are a skilled web developer, a newbie or someone that has no experience at all in the field, you may ask which programming languages are most wanted or used in 2019. 

New technologies appear on the market and the industry develops quickly. Therefore, the number of programming languages is huge and continues to grow. 

However, some particular languages gain or deserve more attention for you. We have checked various sources, insights, and statistics to reach a clear picture. We do not claim that one language is better than another. 

To build the top, various factors were taken into consideration. These include developers’ preferences on StackOverflow, Google Trends, highest paying languages,  rate of job postings or activity on GitHub. 

Without prolonging it, here are the top 5 programming languages in 2019: 

  1. JavaScript 

It has been rated the most popular programming language on Stack Overflow. It plays a vital role in front-end development as it is lightweight and it is compatible with all major browsers. 

Its presence is increasing into areas like game development or the Internet of Things. Moreover, it is also used through node.js on the server-side. 

  1. Python

It can be considered a rising star as its popularity rose high in recent years. Second-rated on StackOverflow and GitHub, Python is loved mostly by Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts.  

Many consider it is similar to the English language. It is user-friendly and its syntax is clear and intuitive. It is “object-based”, quite similar to JavaScript and it is believed that it slowly replace JS as a teaching language in various institutes.

  1. Java

It is one of the oldest programming languages that are still used nowadays. It is also considered one of the most stable languages. It is known for high cross-platform compatibility, making it loved by large enterprises. 

It forms the base for the Android OS, while the original Minecraft, a popular game around the world, has been made in Java. 

  1. C++ 

It is another old programming language that it is still going strong. Released in 1985, it remained in high demand. 

C++ is a hybrid version of C, object-based preferred for high-level applications. It is heavily used in gaming, computer graphics, VR, etc. 

  1. PHP

Another industry giant since 1995, PHP is a strong option for web developers around the globe.  It has a lot of libraries and modules, while most of its frameworks are free. 

It is an open-source general-purpose scripting language and it gained a lot of attention from WordPress. 

We are aware that this article may or may not agree with your beliefs or thoughts. The opinions are always split and the best programming language is the one you feel comfortable the most. 

There are some new languages on the market that attract attention like GO, Kotlin, SWIFT, Ruby, but they deserve another article. 

What is your preferred programming language?