Our 5 favorite Slack bots

The collaborative instant messaging market has reached 9 billion dollars worth. Several companies have entered the market now but the number one leader is Slack.

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration chatting tool, with chat rooms divided as channels.

Deployed in more than 150 countries, Slack is currently used by 10 million users and 85,000 companies. As its growth has been nothing but exponential since its creation in 2013, Slack has announced its stock market launch by June 2019.

Indeed, Slack has changed the way internal communication works within companies: fewer emails, a more modern way to connect and share information with each other. Here at HTML24, we use Slack as our collaborative instant messaging application.

But Slack is so much more than just a chatting platform. The extensions (bots) have a critical place in HTML24, as they automate quite a few processes.

Here, you will find a list of the bots that have helped us, quite a lot. If you’re interested in some of our bots, don’t hesitate to send us an email 🙂

1.Pipedrive – instant deal updates

High fives will fly as our account manager’s Slack channel pings. Through a simple system integration with our CRM Pipedrive, a message will appear whenever a new deal has been added or closed.

Our Head of Account Management, Rasmus, even autoposts a BOOOM!

This bot is not just fun and games – This helps tremendously on both moral and sharing information across the company.


2. Marketing leads – instant lead tracking

It’s not only in our account manager’s Slack channel, that high fives get thrown around. So does it in our marketing channel.

Every time a lead fills out our contact form on our website, a bot will not only email us, but also post this on our marketing channel.


3. Boten Anna the receptionist

Our office is placed at the co-working space 24Labs. When sharing a floor with multiple companies, having a receptionist is very handy.

Now we don’t have a human receptionist, but instead, an iPad receptionist, that our managing director, Bo Møller, coded during one of our hackathons.  

When guests arrive, they will check in on our iPad receptionist. On Slack, everyone in our receptionist channel will immediately get informed by our receptionist bot, that the guest has arrived.

Naturally, Bo named the receptionist bot Boten Anna, after the huge 2006 hit by Basshunter.

Contact us below, if you’re interested in either the iPad receptionist or Boten Anna.boten-anna-receptionist

4. Robot Downey Junior – server monitor

Let us introduce you to Robot Downey Junior, our server monitoring bot.

Robot Downey Junior’s mission is to scan our clients’ websites every 5 minutes and to let our developers know whenever a server or the website is down.

Our developers will be able to fix it right away. Robot Downey Junior has been helping us a lot regarding solving server issues very quickly!

Feel free to send us an email on info@html24.net, if you’re interested in our Robot Down Junior bot.


5. Tomato bot – productivity booster

Have you experienced being buried under so many to-do’s that you don’t notice how long you have been working on one task?

Tomato bot will set a 25 min time slot for you to deeply focus on your tasks. When time’s up, a message will pop up within Slack and remind you to take a break.


Here at HTML24, we love automation as much as we love Slack automated bots. Automation can help you to free up a lot of time so that you can create value where it matters the most.

We have helped many organizations automating their processes and improving their productivity.

If this sounds like something we can help you with, feel free to contact us below!