What are cookies and why is it mandatory to disclose your cookie policy?

Cookies are less inviting than they sound. Technically, cookies are small text files created and used in connection with a visitor’s behavior on a website. There are many different types of cookies, for example:

  • Required cookies.
  • Preference cookies.
  • Operation- and optimization cookies.
  • Cookies for marketing (anonymous tracking across websites or targeted advertising).

Depending on the functionality of your website, it is necessary to state the purpose for which cookies are used. It is mandatory to inform about your cookie policy because it’s decided to regulate funds for the collection of data about a person and their online identity. These rules are closely linked to the rules in the Personal Data Act, which is why it has become mandatory.


Be at the forefront of cookie legislation!

It has become mandatory for all Danish websites to provide information about their cookie policy. This means that you must now actively make visitors to your website aware that you are using cookies, as the Danish Business Authority supervises whether this is complied with. Therefore, choose the smart solution and have us create an elegant display of how you, or your customer, use cookies. See a good example of one of the solutions we offer.

The price for having a set-up made is between DKK 5,000-15,000 and varies depending on the scope and desire – get an offer today!