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Optimisation and Maintenance of Applaus' Website for Enhanced Cultural Engagement

Applaus, which began its journey in 2018, saw consistent growth over the past few years, offering a diverse array of cultural services. Their mission was all about making culture accessible to everyone in Denmark. They partnered closely with cultural institutions, working hand in hand to improve their connections with audiences.


However, despite their impressive progress, their website felt a bit outdated. This website served as a digital hub, helping people buy things and find important information. Since it was so crucial to their work, they wanted to make it better. Which is why they approached our team at Twentyfour to help them upgrade their online platform to make it easier to buy things and share useful information. The website faced a few challenges before we intervened:


  1. Making Information Clear: The website didn’t have the best tools to present information in a way that everyone could understand easily.
  2. Simplifying the Experience: Some people found it a bit tricky to navigate the website and find what they were looking for.
  3. Fixing Booking Problems: Sometimes, when people booked something, they didn’t get a confirmation tickets, which caused confusion and extra work for the Applaus team.


With the goal of transforming their website, Applaus aimed to make it more user-friendly and efficient. They wanted to create a place where visitors could easily explore and enjoy Denmark’s cultural scene online. Our team set out on improving the website’s features, making it more interactive, and ensuring smoother communication, all in the pursuit of creating a better digital experience for everyone.


Throughout this collaborative journey, Twentyfour enjoyed working closely with Applaus. Their dedication to enhancing cultural engagement and enriching Denmark’s cultural landscape resonated with us. We’re proud to have been part of their effort to create a more accessible and enjoyable digital space for art and culture enthusiasts.


Visit Applaus.nu here!