Interning as a digital marketer at HTML24

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Not a clue!

While I was learning about traditional and digital marketing in a classroom, then I found myself primarily thinking about internships. One of the biggest questions of the table was “Am I ready to apply in the real world what I’ve learned in college?” The most obvious answer appeared to be “step out of your comfort zone and figure out.”

Marketing is a core element of all organizations and therefore, opportunities exist across all industry sectors. These can range from the financial, consumer and information technology industries, such as HTML24, that makes data integrations for medium-size and big corporations, for instance, L’Oréal Redken or Telia.

I had no clue about what data integration, WordPress or Drupal were, and I was just wondering myself “how I can deal with all that” when I am but a marketer and not a developer, and do not know anything about computer science”. But internships help make career aspirations a tangible reality and let us know as students whether or not we fit for a particular industry. So here we go!

Scandinavian style

One of the main value is the focus on equality at HTML24. As a result, we will see little hierarchy, flat structures and an informal communication, which I love from the Scandinavian culture, from my perspective as an international intern.

At HTML24, instead of big sweeping assignments, we focus on small actionable tasks in ‘sprints’ that align with a specific goal, which consists of copywriting, SoMe or Facebook Ads. This approach is a surefire way to solicit feedback or additional ideas. Most importantly, this empowers us, as employees to contribute to the process without fear of overstepping boundaries. Basically, we save energies and focus on the small stuff – “one baby step at a time”.

Celebrate early, celebrate often, and with everyone

My coworkers make every win, new business, or request for a proposal, a cause for celebration. Our developers have automated an old ship bell, so everytime a sale goes through, the bell will chime, and people will cheer!

It’s incredible to see how in flat organizations, good news travels fast and, typically, it’s the result of hard work from a lot of different people at HTML24.

Last but not least, I have to mention the Friday bar in the office, which gives us a chance to meet our coworkers, share experiences, and where we feel that we belong to that ‘family’.

A key ingredient

Internships are very important, because it’s a way to build one’s resumé, experience the field or job of interest, and build connections as well. This internship enables me to gain ‘first-hand exposure of working in the real world’ and improve my digital marketing skills level when learning copywriting, SoMe or Facebook Ads in a B2B company.

I can say that I, personally, feel as though I’m learning the most while at my internship during my undergraduate years at college. Now I do have a clue why a Responsive Web Design is so important for firms, or what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is, or even how SEO can boost businesses.

Through every experience, I’m learning about myself and what I’m able to do and what mistakes not to do in the future. Even if this is an unpaid internship, my reward is still clear – I’ve learned so much during my internship at HTML24. The real do’s and don’ts of digital marketing.