Legacy problem: Being tied to outdated IT

Legacy and the problems

Outdated IT systems remain a major issue for the majority of well-established companies. These so-called Legacy systems are old systems that companies want to get replaced, but where the costs and risks associated with replacement will be huge.

Known unfortunate Danish examples of replacing legacy systems:

At HTML24 we are reforming both custom-built systems and old Dynamics C5, AX, (former Axapta) and NAV (formerly Navision) solutions.

We work with old legacy systems, which we have been tasked with modernizing into the new digital decade, and expanding with new functionality, etc.

It is exactly where we in HTML24, have our expertise. We specialize in integrations and can integrate both new and old.

Our Head of Marketing and Growth Hacker, Simon Miller, has written an informative article about the issues associated with legacy systems and how to solve some of the problems while keeping risk and costs low.

During his studies, Simon has studied the systems at one of the largest Danish hospitals and has also worked in one of the largest banks in the Nordic region. Two areas that are quite known for heavy legacy.

The article is highly relevant for well-established companies that are caught with business-critical legacy systems that can not only be replaced. It is highly recommended from here.

Read the whole article here ->Legacy problems: Being tied to outdated IT (article in Danish)