“Every Marine a Rifleman – Every Employee a Businessman!”

Every Marine a rifleman

At HTML24 we emphasize that our staff are not only experts in their subjects, such as development, but also that our employees have a thorough understanding of business.

As a former artillery soldier of the Danish Marine Company Bornholm, he incorporates elements from his time in the military, to our development department. The mentality applies to you, no matter what profession you’re in.

He writes:

Every Employee a Businessman

In the US Marine Corps, they have an axiom “Every Marine a Rifleman”. To a Marine, this means that no matter what your Military Occupational Specialty ends up being, Logistics, Communication, Artillery or Explosive Ordinance Disposal, you are first a rifleman. There are no exceptions, no matter how good of an aircraft mechanic you are, if you can’t shoot a rifle and effectively engage the enemy, you are not a Marine.

This Is My Rifle

The interesting thing is that people intuitively understand why, when going to war the ability to successfully engage an enemy is important. Never the less there are countless examples of businesses who never coach their employees about business.

There are lots of managers who will tell themselves, or anyone who cares to listen, excuses for why they don’t feel that’s important, but if you think about it, running a business with people who don’t understand how your business works, is a lot like having expeditionary forces, who couldn’t effectively engage the enemy if their lives depended on it, or a sports team, where half the players don’t understand the rules of the game.

It’s interesting how we can easily picture the outcome of these scenarios. It’s the invasion of Iraq, Manchester United versus 21 random guys in a sports bar, it’s Daniel Negreanu vs. the guy who isn’t really sure if a flush beats a straight . It is the literal definition of a one sided battle. Which side would you rather be on? When you do your SWOT analysis is “Most of our employees don’t understand our market segment….. Read the rest on his LinkedIn…