Coding Class CPH – the future is now

The future is now

As humans, we have a social responsibility for future generations to come. There are many ways to help them and it is quite hard to squeeze them all in one article. Instead, we will focus on one for the moment. It’s about Coding Class CPH. It is a project initiated by the Copenhagen City Hall that aims to help students gain skills and competences useful in the 21st century. It involves over 100 companies and approx. 3000 students from different schools in Copenhagen. 

The goal of the project is to make students think of creative ways and digital solutions for real-world business problems. During the Coding Class, students work with cases related to technology, natural science and entrepreneurship. 

Ready, set, go! 

The project involves 5 days of teaching and mentoring and it extends over 2 months. The whole process is carried out by teachers, external mentors and partners. During Day 1, the students are introduced to coding tools. Companies will meet the students during Day 2 when they will present themselves and the case. Students prepare different ideas and receive feedback on Day 3, continuing with one idea. During Day 4, students are helped to build their product. The last day, Day 5 (Løvens hule) is when students receive feedback for the final product. 

Focus on details 

HTML24 is one of the companies that are willing to help young students. During November 5th-12th and December 3rd, we will focus on 3 cases: 

  • Blast Pro Series – How to raise awareness for children and young people regarding events in Copenhagen
  • Glyptoteket – How to get young people interested in museums and art 
  • Build an webshop – How to make it fun and easy to shop online 

This way, we salute Copenhagen City Hall for the initiative and all the companies and partners involved in the project. We believe that anyone can make a difference.