HTML24 has acquired a software company focusing on tourism, travel, events and hospitality

Update: Here is a post on LinkedIn from the former founder and CEO, Tine Thygesen about the acquisition. The former founder and CTO, Christoffer Kaalund has also cleared his mind about the acquisition on LinkedIn. Here is the post from Christoffer Kaalund.

The software company HTML24 has on the 20th of February taken over and acquired the ownership of the Danish app company, Triptale ApS. Triptale has been an established player in digital mobile solutions for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry for more than 8 years. The company has had major customers such as Wonderful Copenhagen and Inside Lisbon throughout the years. And Triptal has also won numerous awards over the years, and has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch and lots of other media outlets.

For more than 10 years, HTML24 has been working on develop, automation, integration and maintain digital solutions – primarily focusing on web. The acquisition of Triptale enables HTML24 to deliver a more unique digital solution to the customers within the unique segments that Triptale has historically focused on, which are the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Triptale will continue to be an independent company, where its existing customers and apps will continue to be serviced by Triptale. 

However, HTML24 wants to put its existing network of customers and partners in play, which means HTML24 now have the chance to offer advanced native apps for Android and iOS through its subsidiary, Triptale.

Triptale has among other things stood behind the successful app for Destination Bornholm in a close collaboration with HTML24. Over the past few years, Triptale and HTML24 have worked closely together – and it is only natural that the collaboration now gets even closer. HTML24 continues its strong focus on web development and integration solutions, but via Triptale, it will be possible for HTML24’s customers to purchase apps in the future.

Bo og Rasmus

Picture: Rasmus Aagaard, Partner & Head of Account Management of HTML24 (to the left) and Bo Møller, Founder & Managing Director of HTML24 (to the right).

“The acquisition of Triptale is part of HTML24’s long-term strategy, where we focus on selecting fewer customer segments and more fixed operating and maintenance agreements, as this is where we can create more value for our customers. The acquisition of Triptale enables us to offer even better service to a wide range of customers, which we are already working with and who have already expressed a desire to develop native apps.” Said Bo Møller. founder and CEO Director of HTML24.

There are several reasons for the acquisition of Triptale. Rasmus Aagaard, Partner and Head of Account Management of HTML24, elaborates; “We have for a long time worked with Triptale, so we have seen that their apps work tremendously well and that the customers are happy. In addition, we would like to be able to offer apps to our customers ourselves, but without compromising our current focus.”

Both HTML24 and the now former founder, CEO and investor group behind Triptale, there is great satisfaction with the purchase.

The picture: Tine Thygesen (to the left) and Christoffer Kaalund (to the right) now both former founders and CEOs of Triptale ApS.

Tine Thygesen, one of the founders of Triptale, elaborates, “I am delighted that the customers and software we have developed in Triptale have found a really good home at HTML24, and I am excited to see what they can do with the business in the future.”

Christoffer Kaalund, who is also one of the founders and former CTO of Triptale said, “We have had a long and exciting journey with Triptale. Triptale is today an established player in digital mobile solutions and we are sure that we have handed Triptale to the right company.”

Contact Bo Møller, CEO of HTML24 for more information at bm@html24.dk.